Collectors Sets
2014 - 6 pack - 750 ml Bottles, 2 Litha, 2 Spruce, 2 Birch

Summer Ales: 6 pack - 750 ml bottles, 2 Birch, 2 Gardin, 2 Litha

Seasonal Ales
Rosa: 750ml Bottle “Rosy floral light chocolate nose, sweet amaretto, light tart, Roasted walnut hue with light ruby glow, violet and bright floral notes upfront, creamy velvet body, toasted cherry, cocoa, light and bright with balanced deep malt backing, finished with a a light lingering petal.”

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Wyrt: 750 ml Bottle _ Farmhouse Stout brewed with Root Herbs and aged with Vanilla. " “Nose of roasted malt with a touch of vanilla, aromas of bark and cherry wood, sweet chicory, flavors of roasted chestnut, light oak, dandelion bitters, dried cherry, cocoa. Creamy and earthy, light tart, finishes with a roasted dry bitterness.” SOLD OUT until 2015

Litha: 750ml Bottle - Saison brewed with Lavender, Sage, Chamomile “Delicate Herbal nose, Straw hue, creamy mouth, light bread malt, tart fruit mid-tones with moderate spice and herbal notes, finishes with a lingering dry floral finish.”

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Gardin_ 750 ml Bottle - Herbal Amber Saison Barrel-Aged with Brett “Nose of toasted oak, resinous vine and tropical fruit, syrah stained burnt copper hue, smooth yet creamy earthen mouth, flavors or clean crisp malt, spicy fruit mid-tones of tangerine and plum with light acidity followed by a floral garden bed dry finish.”

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Ostara: 750 ml Bottle _ “Sweet Herbal nose, light amber hue, smooth creamy mouthfeel, light bready malt, balanced and rich with undertones of earth and petal, notes of toffee, butterscotch, apricot, chamomile and wood herbs, dry smooth finish.”SOLD OUT until 2015

Granum: 750 ml Bottle _ Herbal 5-Grain Saison 7.5% - “Sweet Grainy Herbal Nose, light copper hue, minty, earth and grassy aromas, velvety texture, buttery and smooth, light licorice notes upfront, floral with moderate bitterness, hints of rye, caramel and fresh bread. Finishes with soft and dry herbal/floral linger.” SOLD OUT until 2015

Urtica - Wild Nettle Ale: 750 ml Bottle _ “Woodsy nose, madrona hue, crisp and creamy, plum and clove, light butterscotch malt meets forest floor, wild tart tingle, giving way to a spectrum of spring herbal notes of meadow and forest.”SOLD OUT until 2015

Beltane Elderflower Saison with Brett: 750 ml Bottle _ “Spring floral nose, citrus notes of tangerine, pinapple and tropical fruit golden straw hue, light buttery - creamy body with rustic honey tartness bright floral highlights, crisp and dry finish.” SOLD OUT until 2015

Ale Club Membership _ 24 Seasonal Herbal Ales (6 every season), one Propolis Tulip Glass - 13.25 fl oz.

Propolis Tulip Glass - 13.25 fl oz.

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